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caroline's heart ❤️

Hi Caroline, when choosing to create this look the part that resonated with me was how we all are the same in spirit yet we all operate differently on this earth. I began to question everything as to why people operate differently if we are all human beings. it's being some of us have made it a mission to dig deeper into who we are. And you my friend are digging so deep that it is inspiring a whole generation of people.

Originally this look was intended to be white, but when you revealed the shoes you had in mind for this look I had to make a shift to keep it in harmony with the entire look. Changing the piping to a crystal trim was a way to elevate the importance of how your heart radiates through your world and everyone who see's you and hear your words and feel your presence. Your heart shines. to shoe  The vibrating lines around the heart and pants are completely hand sewn.

Continue on the path that you are on. and know that there is deeper meaning and purpose that you have in you and each day as you allow your heart to open to the moment more will be given to you. God is always with you because he has promised this to you long time ago and you know it. He is not bound by time like we are. Your destiny is now and you are fulfilling it. So don't you ever for a second question your presence wherever your feet may lead you. you make reality become what it is when you step into it. Love you sis! 

                                                    -Venny Etienne, LEVENITY

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