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Products by Request

Here at LEVENITY we specialize in high end custom-made-to-order clothing. We take pride in the relationships that we build with each of our clients.

Our design ethos though is based around the fundamental belief that clothing should work in tandem with the human body, and the persons lifestyle. We want to provide an exclusive design experience for our clients and have that intimate connection with them throughout the entire process.

To achieve this, we take a very different approach to designing our garments – aligned with product design. In our design process the customer is engaged throughout the entire process, speaking with the designer directly, defining their ideas regarding what they would prefer. By involving the client, we are able to adjust the fit, the fabric, the color and the details of a garment in order to ensure that it fits great, looks great and is still identified with the brand.

Being a direct-to-client base brand it allows each design from our collection to look unique and one of a kind, catered to its owner. Giving the client an exclusive memorable garment that they can cherish forever. Please click the link below to request your very own custom LEVENITY garment.

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